I had the BEST day on Sunday. Despite the very early start, it was very much worth it.

When I thought I wouldn’t be running this year due to the back, I signed up to volunteer at Race for Life in Crystal Palace. My Mum who is now a R4L veteran signed up as usual to take part.

So I lost all my professionalism when I saw Mum rock up in her gear with her usual massive smile on her face. After having a chat and giving my words of encouragement, I didn’t see Mum again in the two thousand strong crowd of women warming up. As usual, the event was full of tears and smiles from the participants with their friends and family cheering them on, supporting their individual stories.

My job was pretty much finished once the race started as I was assigned to help those who forgot, lost or registered too late to receive their race numbers. So after packing away, I spent time with my sister and nephew wondering how Mum was doing.

So much to our surprise, Mum came running up to us 42 minutes after setting off with an even bigger smile on her face with her medal in one hand and the goody bag in the other. Her first words to us? “42 minutes, I beat my PB …. POW!”


Basically my Mum ROCKS! So from now on, when I am having a tough training session, don’t want to get my trainers and kit on to pound the pavement or whatever other reason, the smile on her face with her FOURTH R4L medal in her hand will mentally bitch-slap me into action.

Much love to Madge who is going through her personal battle, and to those who have fought and won (or lost) their battles. You will be in my thoughts when I run in July. x

Pity party .. guest of one


Was feeling sorry for myself today.

I feel like I’ve gone backwards where training is concerned as I had the flu and its taken a long time to shake off the remnants, so much so the past two weeks the only thing I’ve done fitness wise was to continue my daily yoga and pilates workout.

First session back and it was almost like my first run, thankfully not out of breath but only managed to run half of the 3k circuit I did with Darren. That said, I ran half. Had this been when I first started I would not have even been able to run longer than a few yards.

But mentally it has put me back, I know I will wake up tomorrow feeling better … til then … meh.

The marathon seems so far away at the moment and although I have a 5K in July coming, I need a goal to work on, cos right now I don’t think I’m pushing myself enough or have enough focus.

Womp. Womp.

The countdown begins!

It’s official!

I entered my name into the ballot for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon! Eek!

I woke up in a cold sweat yesterday thinking I would miss the chance to enter as I heard that the site was closed within a few hours last year (not sure how true that is) then after thinking I had to pay upfront and clicking off in a panic thinking I would miss the chance as I thought I’d have to wait two days ’til payday, and a virtual slap from a very calm Miss Weldon, I finally put my entry through and waited for the magic email confirmation before screen grabbing and closing the window. LOL.

And the other two of my trio (Didi & Darren – who left it so late I started to get worried he’d miss the chance to enter) have also entered so it is now ON!

Just the matter of waiting SIX months to hear if we have been picked, a 10k run to train for which is in July and a half marathon in September I’m working towards.

…. no pressure, then …..

Have I lost my MIND?!!

I think I have! I was watching the Virgin London Marathon as I do every year without fail in the comfort of my bed and nursing a hangover when I believe I decided I would want to participate in it next year.

Not just my usual “watch in awe at the awesomeness of the elite runners, and the stories of the participants who went through something extraordinary to get to the start line.” No sir. A full on “I think I could do this” kinda deal.

It was further exacerbated when I relayed those feelings on Team Bangs on the Run member and all out awesome Melissa Weldon via her Facebook page:

And then on Twitter when Miss Virtue expressed her desire to participate ….. 

So ……. it looks like after the Race for Life, I’ve got a little more to train for …. eek!

EEK!!! Love to Miss Virtue and Mel. Come follow me on Twitter @Angel_Dee. xx


Warming up

With my new running partners, that is water on my toned torso and not sweat! 

Don’t think I wasn’t sitting in the park afterward mash up! Thankfully as I stretched thoroughly before and after I woke up pain free the next day. 

From my camera as well as my lovely sis, Laura and best mate Nat x

I survived! Lawd it was HOT!

So as most of you know by now, I succsssfully completed the 5k race yesterday in Crystal Palace.

Woke up nice and early (7:30am) to get in my stretching, carb loading with the Ready Brek and water intake. Thanks to Isaiah my lil man for designating himself as my gym instructor who went through the stretching with me.
Go to the Arena nice and early and all my memories from training there as a teen with the Blackheath Harriers and then South London Harriers dame flooding back as I entered the track. Was nice that I was there as I was comfortable being there.
Continued to stretch and saw a few people from my childhood there which was cool, the Francis family and Stewards. It was ages before things kicked off and then they were talking for ages, doing the “thanks for taking part” and other things before we finally had a warm up. By this time I was tired and thought to go home to be honest lol.  We did have a good laugh warming up and getting ready to start the run, I hope next year there isn’t too much pissing about though as by the time I set off, I felt my muscles cooling down.
Anyway, I was running with my friend natalie’s cousins as the others wanted to walk which was cool. 5 mins down we had left the arena and was approacing our first of many hills. Blatantly was thinking this isn’t what I signed up for and laughed as I thought I was actually running for my life by the time I saw the 1km mark. The next km wasn’t too bad as I got into my stride and paced accordingly.
It was just nice that total strangers both watching and taking part were supportive, and that helped me as I went ahead of the girls for the next kilometer. So three km’s in I was actually thinking “yep I can do the 10km” and found something to push me on again, but I wasn’t prepared for the sun to turn hyper on my ass and beat down, and no matter how much water I was taking in and throwing over my head, my body decided to let me know that I should think carefully about going further than the one circuit.
The killer for me was at 4.5km in and seeing the hill that would take me into the arena again. So by the time I got to the top I decided that I would put everything into getting to the line after doing 5km with a decent time.
God must have placed Isaiah by the fence into the arena, because as soon as I saw him and Mum, I went all Mark Lewis-Francis and I sprinted as soon as my Air Max 95s touched the track all the way to the finish line. I know people were looking at me weird as I overtook at least 10 people to get over the line, but all the visions of running 100m came flooding back and all I wanted to do was warm down and sit my ass down.
Unfortunately I didn’t do it under 30 mins as I clocked up 35 mins, but with my not training for two months cos of the back, and running in some stupidly hot conditions with no wind to be seen, I don’t care, I f*cking rocked and anyone that wants to tell me something needs to kiss my black ass.
Next year though fam. 5k under 30 mins.

Not long to go!

Maaaan, I don’t even know where to begin with what’s been going on recently.

Just know that I am completing the Race for Life on the 11th and I will now be doing 10k whether it’s walking or running. Been up and down with the level of mobility but rest assured I will be in my vest and sweatbands at the start line.
Far too long to go into my progress, but the back will take a long while to get back to “normal”
Please keep sponsoring me, and come and see what your money is sponsoring as well as have a laugh at my expense afterward:)
Much love to one and all x

Nothing witty to put here, sorry!

I have to apologise to all of you who have been keeping an eye on my progress, I haven’t written a thing in two weeks. And the video blogs.

I have had a horrible time with the back and have spent a lot of time sleeping due to the medication I have been on and to be honest it’s psychologically been tough too being dependant on others for almost everything. I managed to get out on Friday as it was my son’s birthday and it was good to be out despite being in so much pain.

Thank you all for everything, and I am on the mend, my doc said I will be able to walk the course which I’m really pleased about. So stay tuned for more on my progress. I’m watching the London Marathon at the moment and have thought “I have no excuse” which I really don’t.

Much love x

Race for life? more like crawl!

I have been in bed since Sunday night. No I’m not a lazy cow, I have in fact a recurring back complaint and it just gave out on me while out having a meal with friends.

I’m really sad and to be honest frustrated that 1. I’m in bed and 2. I can’t train.

I was in too much pain to call the doctor yesterday to have them come round and touch me. I am waiting at the moment for someone to come so I will give you the verdict later. What I do know is whether I will be walking or hobbling, I WILL be taking part on the 11th May and will be collecting my medal for completion even if I’m the last one over the finish line.

Update ya soon x